Want to Learn Life-Changing Concepts but Short on Time?

You want to learn and build a better future, but, you're short on time. I get it. I'm married with 4 kids and have 2 businesses. I'm always short on time.

Or, maybe you're just not sure where to start. When you start looking at where to begin, there are just SO many options out there - books, courses, videos. Again, the problem usually becomes "time", with what resource are you going to invest hours of time?

To solve this "Not Enough Time" problem, I created the Just A Bit Better Every Day 5-Minute Book Club.

The JABBED 5-Minute Book Club delivers short summaries of the best concepts from the greatest books on success right to your inbox. The summaries are designed to be simple and readable in less than 5 minutes. Each concept is something you can apply immediately and make tomorrow a Bit Better than today.

Is getting a 5-minute summary of a great concept as powerful as reading the entire book? Of course not. But, if you can get 70-80% of the benefit of reading a 8-hour book by reading a few 5-minute emails, then than that is an excellent ROI on your time. Just one great book can be truly life-changing. I know that 2 books completely changed mine.

To get started with JABBED, just enter your email below. I'll also send you a free copy of my Goal Toolkit eBook when you signup to help you start thinking about your goals and where you want to be next month, next year, next decade.

I will never share your email with anyone or spam you. You can 1-click unsubscribe at any time. The email list is free and there is no "upsell" or "premium course" that I am hocking. I don't even have a revenue model. This is a pure passion project for me.

There's no downside to signing up that I can think of. Join the JABBED army and take the first step to a better tomorrow.

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